It is a hammock for resting, relaxing, napping and rocking.


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The ohobohoo JUNIOR hammock is a hammock for resting, relaxing, napping and rocking designed for children from about 74/80 cm tall. The JUNIOR hammock swings children weighing approximately 10-30 kg.

There is a lot of talk about the fact that rocking develops and positively stimulates the baby. Rocking calms you down. It improves concentration. It improves movement planning and coordination. It helps with sensory integration.

The hammock becomes the child’s favourite place to relax, read a book and take a nap.

The cocoon is sewn from 100% untreated, undyed, organic cotton, finished in every detail. The inside of the cocoon is lined with premium cotton with beautiful, saturated patterns.

A sheep’s wool mattress provides excellent heat insulation in both summer and winter. The polyester mattress, on the other hand, has the advantage of an anti-allergenic inlay.

The specially designed spring gently rouses the baby with bouncy movements in an up-and-down direction, so that the baby calms down and is able to fall asleep more easily.

Installation of the hammock is possible on a concrete ceiling or a wooden beam (installation instructions available in the “about hammocks” section). The set includes all necessary mounting equipment and instructions. If you need to hang the hammock in other rooms, you can buy an additional hammock bolt with an eye bolt in the shop. We also offer a chain to place the hammock at the right height.

The cocoon can be washed at 30 degrees and gently ironed. Do not dry it in the tumble dryer!

Hammocks ohobohoo are a Polish product inspired by life itself, tested and improved many times to make the final effect delight both the child and the parent.

It is 100 % handmade. Products may vary slightly in size, shade of fabric and amount of organic particles (a feature of natural fabrics) and in the intensity of the cotton print.


*more about hammocks in the “additional information” tab

The complete hammock consists of:

1 x cocoon - 100% unprocessed, undyed, ecological cotton

1x bag for hammock and mattress - 100% unprocessed, undyed, ecological cotton

1x mattress - lining 100% unprocessed, undyed, ecological cotton; A mattress with a choice of sheep wool or synthetic filling

1x mattress cover - 100% cotton

1x wooden strut (made of oak or ash) impregnated with beeswax

1x steel spring 15-30 kg (tested for strength)

1x spring cover 100% unprocessed, undyed, ecological cotton

1x chain approx. 1 m + 1 twisted link (optional)

2x twisted link

1x eyebolt with ring

1x swivel

1x expansion plug + washer

1x screw carabiner

1x operating and assembly manual

Additional information


Sheep wool, Synthetic


No, Yes

Additional information

Child’s height: from about 74/80 cm and up

Weight: 10-30 kg

Cocoon size: length 115 cm (+,- 2 cm), width 40 cm (+,- 2 cm)/ length of mattress 95 cm (+,- 2 cm)

Washing recommendations: in the washing machine 30 degrees; do not dry in the dryer; hang carefully; delicate ironing possible.

Material: cocoon 100 % organic untreated cotton; interior printed cotton PREMIUM

Mattress filling (optional): made of sheep wool (attention: smells of sheep    ); made of synthetic fibre

Length of the spring with ears (not stretched): 36 cm

Dimensions of JUNIOR wooden strut: 67 x 5cm x 1cm

Color: cream

Length of JUNIOR hammock without chain:

without load about 160 cm

+ 15 kg load about 180 cm

+ 17 kg load about 183 cm

+ 20 kg load about 188 cm

+ 25 kg load about 195 cm

+ 30 kg load about 200 cm

Please bear in mind that the age of the child given in the description is approximate. Every child grows differently and has a different weight. We can recommend the JUNIOR hammocks from about 74 cm of child’s height. The springs can be replaced (from BABY hammock to JUNIOR hammock) or another one added if needed (siblings). If you have any doubts concerning the choice of the type of hammock, please contact us.

 We suggest choosing an additional mounting kit (in the accessories), in order to hang the hammock in a second place and an additional mattress cover (also with pattern) available in the accessories.


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