About us


The adventure with hammocks began with the birth of our second child, son Anto┼Ť, when all the methods of sleeping, calming down failed. It was then that the first hammock for the newborn was created, and with it the thought of ohobohoo BABY sprouted.


The hammock has served us almost two years. It is hard to count how many times he rescued us with evening spikes, painful teething, night-time wakes up, or just to silence his son (so that mom could have a hot coffee ­čśŐ). It was finally possible to get your son to sleep with his restless sleep. The hammock has become a permanent fixture in our living room, at the same time perfectly fitting in with his decor. Thanks to its lightness and ease of disassembly, he traveled with us to our grandparents, where the attachment was already permanent (in new places it was much easier for the son to sleep or calm down in the hammock and rocking that he knows ). Before the hammock “flew” to the next children in the family (who as quickly as Anto┼Ť loved him), he served his older sister for some time – she loved spending time in it, rocking, reading books in it.

And this is where the second chapter of our history ohobohoo JUNIOR begins, which we were inspired by life itself. Hammocks for reading, relaxing and …. rocking.

Since the first version of the hammock, there have been several others – improved, refined, tested. Today we are proud to present our hammocks and invite you to our world. We are aware of what a great relief and help for freshly roasted parents is this seemingly very simple gadget. That’s why today we meet the needs of parents to make this new chapter in life easier and full of smile only for the little one ­čśŐ.


The hammock has the shape of a cocoon so that the child feels "hugged" and calms down intuitively

Sewn so that the weight of the child is evenly distributed over the entire back, and the baby takes a position similar to that in the mother's belly

A spring that rocks up and down. Thanks to this, the head remains stable - it is "thrown" to the sides, and gently reflecting, repetitive movements have a soothing effect. Spring adapted to the child's weight, tested.

Sheep wool mattress - great for thermal insulation both in summer and winter (it is also possible to buy a mattress with synthetic filling)

Natural cocoon material, 100% untreated, undyed, thick weave cotton. Colorful interior (to the delight of the baby :)) also 100% PREMIUM cotton (high-quality digital printing)

fixed to a concrete ceiling or wooden beam (fixing included)